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There are different propane tank sizes, from 20-lb propane tanks to 100-gallon propane tanks, which are best suited for commercial settings. For backyard barbecues or tailgating events on a personal grill, small propane tanks are common and typically provide enough fuel for the cook.

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Here at Propane Warehouse, we dedicate ourselves to offering a wide variety of propane tanks, regulators, brass fittings, parts, and accessories. Our goal is to be your one stop shop for all propane related items whether for the grill, custom fire pits, RV and camping accessories. “I am Jerry Harris, the founder of Propane Warehouse.

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Propane Tank Exchange: Easy as 1-2-3. Exchanging your empty gas grill propane tank is easy, fast and convenient. Just take your empty gas grill propane tank to your nearest Mighty Flame Propane Exchange location.Set your empty propane tank on the ground next to the Mighty Flame propane tank exchange cabinet outside the store.

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· When you have to buy a new tank each time, you end up paying extra for convenience, metal, and fuel. Not to mention these tanks are incredibly difficult to dispose of. Thats where slightly larger (but still small) propane tanks come in. 5 Pound (1 Gallon) Propane Tank. The virtue of a five pound propane tank is in the convenience and reusability.

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The Coleman® Propane Camping Gas Cylinder 2 Pack provides (2) 16oz cylinders of clean-burning, portable propane fuel. This lightweight, compact tank fits all standard portable propane appliances, tabletop grills and propane torches with a CGA 600 connection and is ideal for on-the-go cooking, grilling, heating and lighting.

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· The term “Gas Grill” technically covers a spectrum of natural gas and propane grills. Some propane grills can be connected to a one-pound DOT-39 propane cylinder or a larger propane tank. These grills are especially handy as they are portable and can be taken on camping trips or to a tailgate party.

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Propane tank gauge prices. Prices for propane tank gauges are all very similar. We like the fact that price isn’t much of a factor because you can concentrate on finding the right solution for your needs. Magnetic tank level indicators tend to cost $6 to $8. Tank scales and in-line gauges range from $10 to $15.

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