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· No, Traeger Grills are no longer made in the USA – they are manufactured in China. Traeger made the switch to international manufacturing after the sale of the company in 2006. This is certainly disappointing news. It’s not uncommon that larger companies change manufacturing to cut costs after a large acquisition, which often times comes at …

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Joe Traeger developed the Traeger pellet grill in 1985 and patented it in 1986. Early Traeger Grills, as well as many of the pellet grills first introduced after the expiration of the Traeger patent, used a three-position controller, called an LMH controller indicating settings for low, medium and high heat. Each setting approximates a temperature range, and those …

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Where are Rec Tec Grills actually made? I’m a Big Green Egg guy and looking to purchase my first pellet grill. I reviewed quite a bit of material on Traeger and while they look like good quality, I’d rather by American.

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Pellet Guide. Traeger wood pellets are made from 100% natural hardwood–that means no fillers, binding agents, bark material, or artificial additives. Our pellets are sourced from five, Traeger-owned U.S. mill facilities. The different types of wood we use burn and release flavor differently, so each pellet flavor requires its own unique blend …

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Traeger Grills takes pride since it is the leading seller of wood pellet grills in the industry. Only go for the original. Traeger Grills made the first models many years ago and has continuously innovated its products, making them stay on top. One of their top electric products is the Traeger Grills Texas Elite 34.

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· Traeger doesn’t make a ton of portable grills, and it may just be because they got this one so right to begin with. This is an excellently made portable smoker, with all the features I look for in something like that.

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Our premium wood pellets are made from 100% natural, food-grade hardwood. Traeger pure wood pellets grant the perfect burn for optimal wood fired flavor. Made in the USA and overseen from sawmill to shelf, we provide the cleanest, healthiest …

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· Also, Rec Tec grills feature the Smart Grill Technology, making their models more high-tech than Traeger grills. However, for all those who need plenty of cooking space, Traeger has more options. The largest Rec Tec grill has 700 sq. in. of cooking space. Click here to find out more about Traeger grills.

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· Remember, all grills take time to heat up, and a Traeger is no different. If you are trying to smoke any meat, it should take around 10-15 minutes to reach that magic 225-250 temperature range, while if you are looking to grill or sear, you are looking at 15-20 minutes until you can throw those steaks or burgers on.