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· Louisiana Grills, along with Traeger, is one of the first manufacturers that entered the pellet smoker market. The company is a well-known brand with some history. Headquartered in Alberta, Canada, Louisiana Grills products are available in the USA online as well as in some hearth and patio stores.

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· Pellet Grills Made in the USA. May 12, 2020. September 11, 2021. Derrick Riches made in the usa. Pellet Grills have taken the outdoor cooking world by storm. These must-have, grills are widely available and almost every major manufacturer has a model on the market. The prices of these grills range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand.

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The owner previously worked at a metal fabrication company which means all of their grills are manufactured with high quality standards. All of the grills and accessories are made with high quality materials. Even the grease tray and grill grate are made with 12-gauge steel. The grills are designed with the needs of competitive BBQ in mind.

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This puts the Louisiana Grills Black Label Series in a pretty select group of mid-range pellet grills with a 600-degree temperature setting along with Broil King and Weber pellet grills. In terms of price points, Pit Boss has got an exclusive deal with Lowes on the Pro Series with the 850 currently at just under $500 up to the Pro Series 1600 …

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Louisiana Pellet Grills are available Australia wide. Fuelled exclusively by 100% natural hardwood pellets, an electronically controlled auger automatically feeds pellets into the fire box to achieve the desired temperature, ranging from 80°C to over 300°C. Louisiana LG Grills have huge advantages over the other brands in its class:

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MAK GRILLS. MAK GRILLS The Superior Wood Pellet BBQ-Smoker-Grill This rugged, durable, and precision-built Smoker-Grill is made in the U.S.A. to last a lifetime. All of the critical components are made of easy-to- clean, rust-proof stainless steel. The large capacity hopper holds an entire 20 pound bag of wood pellets so it can run for 20 …

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All of our grills are designed and engineered by a team at our Chicago headquarters, and every day our wide assortment of grills roll off the manufacturing lines at our plant in Huntley, Illinois. This ensures our grills are built with the durability, workmanship and quality that matter to grillers. More importantly, it allows us to support our …

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· Rec-Tec is a good unit from everything I’ve seen, but I ended up going with a GMG. Not to dissuade you from RT, but for consideration (by you or others similarly considering): My reasons were partly from having a local dealer and also partly because the $200 in shipping wasn’t offset by sales tax savings since I’m in GA.

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· Cabela’s Pellet Grill Reviews. If you’re having a hard time looking for the best pellet grill online, then you may want to consider the cabelas pellet grill.. Cabela’s Pro Series 24″ Pellet Grill. This pellet grill has a big front window that will allow you to check the condition of the food you are cooking without opening the grill door.

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While the Pit Boss brand and their parent company Dansons Inc are US-based company, Pit Boss pellet grills are currently manufactured in China. As Pit Boss pellet grills are targeted at the budget end of the pellet grill market, the lower overseas manufacturing costs are the only means possible to offer these pellet grills at their respective …