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Pellet grills, often referred to as pellet smokers, are outdoor grills that use food-grade wood that has been compressed into a pellet as the fuel source. They combine elements of charcoal grills, gas grills, and convection ovens. They can be used to smoke, roast, bake, and sear, providing versatility and performance to meet any griller’s needs.

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The pellet grill, however, is able to combine the strengths of all without the downside. No grill is able to deliver the perfect smoky flavor — at low or high heats — quite like a wood pellet grill. With pellets made from real, virgin hardwoods, the pellet grill is able to deliver restaurant quality barbecue at the push of a button.

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The wood pellets typically used in these grills are created by compressing leftover sawdust from lumber mills, reducing the waste that’s usually associated with the industry. The process starts with the wood being shredded into small pieces before being compressed, which causes the lignin – a plant tissue’s natural polymer – to heat up and soften.

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· Grilling pellets are biofuels made from compressed sawdust, and that’s it! No fillers or glues necessary. As the sawdust particles get pressurized, a natural organic polymer known as lignen is released and acts as a binder to hold things together. Lignens are what are one of the things responsible for keeping plants rigid and woody.

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· Since wood pellets are slow burners with moderate to high smoke levels, they’re an ideal choice for cold smoking and converting gas grills to smokers. Both of these uses for wood pellets are made possible with a pellet tube smoker. Essentially, you load a tube with wood pellets, ignite one end, and the tube will facilitate a slow, smokey burn …


· Pellet grills are the hottest trend in grilling. People are switching to pellet grills rather than sticking to gas or charcoal grills because this type of grill infuses their meats with a wood-fired, smoky flavor but also heats up fast, maintains …

How Are Pellets Made?

How Are Pellets Made? Pellet Mill Process. Truckloads of raw materials are brought to pellet mills every day and can arrive in many different forms. Some of the raw material may be sawdust, wood chips, lumber mill scrap, and even full trees unsuitable for lumber. The raw materials may be green, or freshly cut, may be partial dry or even kiln dried.

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· Are Pellet Grills Worth It? Pellet grills use small pellets in grilling meat, thus, the name. These grills use pellets made from different kinds of wood. The flavor or the grilled meat will sometimes depend on the type of wood pellets used. The pellets are placed into the hopper of the grill through an auger in order to produce fire to cook the …

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· These grills have a large metal bin, or “hopper,” to which you add pellets made from compressed sawdust of flavorful woods, like oak, …

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· Traeger Grills Ranger is a portable and compact pellet grill capable of grilling, roasting, and searing burgers, beef, mutton, and chicken with a consistent temperature. The best RV pellet grill is portable to an extent that you can always make space for it in your vehicle.