Skewers Metal Barbecue Kabob Flat PCS Vegetable Pack, Long Shish Kebob Stainless Steel


Inviting you, vegetable and meat lovers, with this package of Stainless Steel Skewers! Your barbecue feast will surely get enhanced with this splendid and long-lasting Metal Kabob Skewers Flat PCS Vegetable Pack. Stainless steel promises longevity, and the flat design assures grip and stability while grilling.
Our Metal BBQ Skewers cater to every barbecue lover’s needs. Manufactured from durable stainless steel, they are robust, non-reactive, and easy to clean. Their flat design prevents food items from rotating while grilling, ensuring evenly cooked kebobs every time. The long structure of these skewers provides ample space to skewer your favorite vegetables or meats, while the looped ends facilitate easy handling and storage. This pack includes an ample amount of skewers to cater to your barbecue parties or family get-togethers. Transform your grilling experience with our long, flat, stainless steel shish kebob skewers!
Q: What material are these skewers made of?
A: These skewers are manufactured from high-grade, durable stainless steel.

Q: Is food prone to rotate on these skewers while grilling?
A: No, the flat design of our skewers prevents food items from rotating, ensuring even grilling.

Q: How many skewers are included in this pack?
A: A generous number to cater to your family gatherings or barbecue parties are included in each pack.

Q: Can these skewers handle large pieces of meat or vegetables?
A: Absolutely, the length of these skewers provides ample space for large cuts of meat or whole vegetables.