Portable Backyard Pizza Oven: Gas-Fired, Wood Fuelled Multi Oven – Ooni Karu, Master of Ovens


In a backyard, often a place for joy, relaxation and family, what could be better than freshly cooked pizza? The Ooni Karu multi fuel oven delivers this dream. Crafted for enthusiasts of outdoor cooking, it mixes gas-fired power and wood-burning warmth in a portable design. A product of oven masters, it brings not just heat, but character to your open-air culinary endeavours.
Imagine this: In your own backyard, a wonderful scent fills the air. It’s mouthwatering pizza, right from a high-performance oven, made with your own hands. This is what the Ooni Karu multi fuel oven offers you.

The Ooni Karu oven is versatile and compact. It empowers you to switch between gas and wood, tailoring the cooking experience to your preferences. Its design blends traditional and contemporary elements, making it a delightful addition to any outdoor setting.

Not only does it master the art of pizza making, but it also excels in cooking a variety of other dishes. Its high-temperature capability means the oven can perfectly roast meats, bake bread, and even cook seafood, bringing the gourmet restaurant experience to your backyard.

Its portability ensures you’re not confined to one location. Want to take it to a friend’s garden or the local park? No problem! The Ooni Karu multi fuel oven promises to make every outdoor cooking adventure unforgettable.
Q: Is the Ooni Karu oven easy to transport?
A: Yes, the design of the oven ensures it’s portable and easy to move.

Q: Can I use both gas and wood in the Ooni Karu oven?
A: Absolutely, the oven allows for a seamless switch between gas and wood fuel.

Q: What types of food can I cook in the Ooni Karu oven?
A: It’s not just for pizza! The oven’s high temperatures make it perfect for roasting meats, baking bread, and even cooking seafood.

Q: Is it complicated to assemble the Ooni Karu oven?
A: No, it’s simple to set up, allowing you to start your outdoor cooking adventures quickly.