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Can just the plastic grill be removed from a 2013 Lexus RX350?

· Not enough opening from the top to get the speaker driver in and assemble the speakers behind the grill. Thank you. … rx350. Robert-Gift May 14, 2016, 6 … You may only be able to find out the answer to your question by completely removing the entire front bumper or assy that contains the grille…if this grille is actually part of the …

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· I’ve had my rear speaker grills off and on again in the last few weeks. They are tricky. You will not get 5 1/2″ speakers in there without some serious cutting. I replaced the rear speakers with MTX coaxial jobs that are only about 4.5″ but have good sound. You can only get so much speaker back there.

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Remove door foil around the speaker. Don’t need to remove all of the door foil. Unplug the electrical connector to the speaker. Lift the little lock tab and rotate the door speaker slightly to remove it. Install the new speaker by twisting it in place.

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· CLS550 Master Lease, 1990 300zxTT, 2000 camry. Joined Mar 10, 2008. ·. 361 Posts. #6 · Mar 4, 2009. Speakers are not hooked up using fiber optics. The fiber optic ring communicated between the head unit, cd changer, amplifier etc. the speakers themselves wire up just like standard speakers.

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· Mercedes W207 2010 Cabriolet. Joined Sep 8, 2019. ·. 48 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 2, 2019. Can anyone assist with the removal of the rear speaker cover situated on the ledge behind the rear seat on the W207 E350 Cabriolet. Thanks. John.

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· Actually, the door panel does not have to be removed to replace the speaker grill. Bought a replacement grill from Toyota ($41). By removing the 4 screws along the bottom edge of the panel, the 3 push in clips and the front/lower capped screw, there is enough room to gain access to the back of the speaker grill.

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· Be carful when removing the trim clips from the rear headrests. You will need to access the underside of the headrests to unlatch the little clips that hold them in place. Forget that step and you can yank on them all day, they won’t come out. Also, you are replacing the rear speakers, but those are likely Bose “free-air” style subwoofers.

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