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The toughest part of cleaning the stainless-steel is to clean the grill grate. The best way to clean grill grate is to clean regularly with a stainless-steel grill brushafter each use. Scrub the grate with the grill brush while the grill is hot. Read further below. Follow the Process: Put baking soda and water together and paste them well

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· When it comes to cleaning a stainless steel grill, you must get the right tools and products. If you get a harsher chemical than what your grill can take, you might end up worsening the product’s condition. So, if you want to be safe, you …

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· Step one: You will need to create a mixture using baking soda and normal water to clean the stainless steel grate of the grill. The paste will work as a cleanser for the grate. Take 60-85ml of mildly warm water into a cup and pour 45gm of baking soda into it. If you lack a measuring tool, ¼ cup of baking soda will do.

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· Cleaning stainless steel grills may require an overnight soaking. Place your grills into a large sturdy garbage bag. In a bowl mix two cups vinegar with one cup baking soda. Pour the solution into the garbage sack and tie it securely shut. Lay the garbage sack with the grills in it, on the ground. The vinegar and baking soda will cover the grills.

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· Stainless steel is protected by a thin layer of chromium oxide. When dirt and grease build up on this coating, it does not work properly and can lead to corrosion. Consistent upkeep of your stainless steel grill is a necessity to keep it looking its best. Here are the steps to clean your grill and keep it in good condition. You Will Need:

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· Well, cleaning the grill is a chore, but with some easy cleaning tips, the process can be shortened. Before looking for information, remember that since these grills are made of stainless steel, they are saved from rust, stains, etc. While applying any hack, be sure to be cautious. Things required to clean stainless steel grill

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· Best Ways to Clean Stainless Steel Grills I was given the opportunity to review some Proctor & Gamble products available at Lowe’s. I had my fingers crossed that Mr. Clean would come to my rescue and save the day for me! I love Magic Erasers but I had never tried out the Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Magic Erasers or Mr. Clean Outdoor Pro Spray before.

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· This website is focused on tips and tricks for cleaning Stainless steel grills and outdoor kitchens and proper maintenance that will keep them in top shape season after season. Your outdoor barbecues, grills, and kitchen appliances take a beating from moisture, acid rain, air pollution, excessive heat, corrosive chemicals, not to mention scuffs …

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· This is the method that is recommended for all stainless-steel grill grates: Scrape off the access food from the grates while the grill is still hot. Soak the grates in warm, soapy water for an hour or two until the debris is soft. Scrub the grates to clean it completely.

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· Clean Stains And Burns From Stainless Steel BBQ Grills Or Anything. by grillrepair on October 9, 2013 Last year we published a post here about an acid cleaning product for pavers and masonry that damaged the built in access doors in a Viking outdoor kitchen.