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· Steps to Clean the Grill: Fill a bucket with warm water. Add a good amount of soap and agitate to mix. Use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with the soapy water to wipe down the surfaces of the grill. Follow the grain of the metal as you clean. Rinse completely with clean water. Dry with a soft towel. Do not allow the surface to remain wet.

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Sprinkle baking soda all over the stainless steel grate. Next, use a spray bottle to spray white vinegar over the baking soda. After the mixture foams, gently scrub with a wire brush or steel wool. Once clean, rinse the grate well with water and allow it to dry completely before returning them to your grill.

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· Cleaning stainless steel grills is a dirty job, but you really have to do it in order to keep the grill at top efficiency and to keep your food safe. Cleaning a stainless steel grill grate is not as difficult as it may seem and you don’t need to buy expensive tools in order to do the job.

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· Beefeater Porcelain and Stainless Steel BBQs. For porcelain enamel or stainless steel BBQ, the manufacturer recommends the universal cleaning method: clearing away all residues from the cooking surface, washing the grills with hot or warm water and dish liquid using a soft sponge and afterwards dry with a paper towel or cloth.

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· It is important to take the time to clean the stainless steel grill grates on your barbecue to reduce the chance of food poisoning from leftover particles stuck to the surface. Charred food can also leave residue on anything new you cook, potentially changing the flavor you’ve worked hard to create.

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BBQ 101: Care and Maintenance of Stainless Steel Areas of Your Grill Stainless Steel is frequently used in BARBECUE’s because of its quality, durability and attractive appearance. However, all materials, including stainless steel, can become stained, soiled and corroded by dirt, pollution, deposits from inappropriate cleaners and especially …

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A key part of grill maintenance is properly cleaning and maintaining your stainless steel cooking grates. Make sure you understand: The importance of preheating your grill. Choosing the correct grill brush for cleaning your stainless steel cooking grates. Oiling your food, not your grates. This short video will hit on the important tips you …

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· Here is a quick video titled ‘how to clean stainless steel grill grates’ from eHow, showing the vinegar & baking soda method. Grill Brushes and Grill Cleaning Tools That Work Having a quality grill scraper or brush handy is essential to avoiding food build up on your grill.

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· We recommend cleaning your BBQ hot plate after each use as it’s so much easier to clean your BBQ plate while it’s still warm. Stainless steel needs to cleaned regularly to prevent it from tea staining (tea staining is a brown discolouration that forms on stainless surfaces) and rusting, and your BBQ plates are no exception.

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