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Aug 12, 2015 – This is a way to make your own speaker grills with metal grill that’s easy, fast and a great way to protect your investment. Well let’s get started. First…

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· First remove the speaker grills. The fronts are held in by clips. Simply use a trim tool or flathead to pry up. They should come off easily. The rears are help in by 4 screws each – 4.5mm allens will get these out. Be sure to wipe your grills down with a degreaser/cleaner and wipe with water.

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I build fEARful bass cabs every now and again, and for my builds I always use a custom grill from these guys. … 12/16/2017 4:50 PM. I have been using Reliable Hardware for years now for all my speaker building hardware and these grills are simply the best I have seen. It’s great that they will make them to any fraction, and their measurements …

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All grills are notched for the bolt pattern, 20 gauge heavy duty metal grills with a 3/16 aluminum ring. 10″ speaker grills have enough room for a 3/4″ draw for excursion to clear speakers with a rubber surround and the 8″ is a 5/8 draw for excursion, 8″ Custom Speaker Grill Kits Include. 2 8″ speaker grilles; 8 stainless steel allen head bolts

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Speaker Grills. Speaker Grill Cloth. Mesh Speaker Grills. Speaker Grill Pegs. Waffle Grills.

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· I think he was shouting with a grill cloth in front of his mouth. Seriously, the difference between grill cloth and no grill is measurable. But it comes down to practicality- when friends/family are over I don’t even take my grill cloths off to show my DIY speakers speakers- they’re all to tempted to touch the drivers…

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· A really good geeky test for speaker grills using Dimmer switches for lights. Wait to the house is empty and it is quiet then set your dimmer switch to “dim”. If you listen carefully you’ll hear a buzz from the switch. Now get your speaker grill and hold it in front, then remove it. Repeat this and listen to the buzz.

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· The industry standard for speaker grille foam appears to be R35 HIFI (35 ppi) and, consequently, many suppliers of the material don’t indicate the ppi rating. P.S. You don’t say what thickness (mm) and area (mm x mm) you require.

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· I’m in a rural area & having trouble locating 4×6″ rectangular speaker grills for my project. Local audio store is a no go & I can only find circular ones on the net. I’ve found entire 4×6″ speaker sets, but not just the grills.

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· 03-05-2011, 12:30 PM. Re: My EconoWave build. You’re missing something and not understanding something. For starters, the original concept was a modular HF driver/XO that would blend with a variety of woofers. This was also originally designed to repurpose older speaker cabs, Advents be most notable.