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Once cast iron cooking grids are clean and thoroughly dry, using a high-temperature oil like shortening, flaxseed oil, or canola oil, cover the grids completely, on both sides, with a thin coating. Turn the grill on and heat the grill to between 350 and 400°F for 30 to 60 minutes.

How to Clean Your Barbecue Cooking Grids

· 4. Clean the grates. Reassemble the grill, then turn it on to its highest temperature setting and close the hood. There may even be a cleaning level on your burner dials. After a few minutes, open …

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Pour water back on griddle again and as it it steaming, use the tongs or scraper to push the folded cloth around the griddle surface in all directions and along the griddle walls. Refold the Cloth for a clean side and repeat step 5 until flat top grill surface is clean, smooth and ready for …

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· Clean the exterior of the grill. Soapy water is the safest cleaning solution for most gas grills. Just make a cleaning solution with water and a squirt or two of mild dishwashing soap. Wipe the exterior of the grill with the soapy water, use a rag dipped in clean water to remove the soap residue, and then dry the exterior of the grill thoroughly.

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· Cleaning a grill of any kind is always a challenge, but flat top grills can prove one of the most challenging types. Cleaning your grill is imperative not just so it works well, but also to ensure proper food safety. Many grills come with instructions on how to clean them, but these ways don’t always work effectively.

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· Oiling the Grate. After cleaning the grate, the question is: “To oil, or not to oil.” Oiling your grill grate helps prevent food from sticking when cooking. To to this, dip a wadded paper towel in a little oil and, using tongs, wipe the oil evenly over the grate. Be careful not to use too much oil, because that’s a sure fire way to start a good …

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In order to get the best performance out of your BBQ grill, and the best flavors out of what you cook on your outdoor grill, there’s one critical thing you need to make sure you always do with a perfectly clean grill, or a new grill: season it.. Whether your grill is shiny and new, or ancient with layers of baked on grime and oil, having a clean, yet appropriately seasoned barbeque is the …

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Always reseason your cast iron grill after cleaning. Polish Your Stainless Steel Grill. Vegetable oil is a great way to keep your food from sticking to the grates. It can also be used to polish the outside of your stainless steel grill. To shine your BBQ, you need to start with a clean grill.

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