Hamburger Press Stainless Inch, Anti-Scald Handle, Package Gift Stick, Steel Smasher For Burger, Griddle Accessories


Steel Smasher Burger Press is excellent tool for making perfect burgers. Coming with Anti-Scald Handle, ensure safety. It is in package which includes Gift Stick, making it an ideal selection for kitchen griddle accessories.
Burger Press, made from stainless steel, is durable and rust-resistant. It features a unique anti-scald handle for secure grip, ensuring you never burns your hands. With an inch size, it can press perfect-sized burgers consistently. The package also includes a gift stick, making it a special deal.

The smasher is not just for burgers. It can be used with any griddle to prepare a variety of foods, expanding your culinary possibilities. Stainless Steel Burger Press is not only a tool but also an excellent addition to your kitchen accessories. Always remember, great burgers start with a great press.
Q: I has the press. It is possible to clean in dishwasher?
A: Yes, this burger press is dishwasher-safe.

Q: Is the handle really anti-scald? I worry about burns.
A: Absolutely, handle of this press is designed anti-scald. No need for worries.

Q: What is the size for the press?
A: Press has size of an inch.

Q: Is gift stick included in package?
A: Yes, package includes gift stick.