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· How to Start a Gas Grill. Before you get started, check the propane tank to make sure it has enough fuel. … If you have an outdoor kitchen setup and you grill regularly, natural gas may be the way to go. But propane is generally a good place to start for beginners or infrequent grillers. Gas Grill Maintenance. Arina P Habich/Shutterstock.

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Let the gas grill heat up for at least 10 minutes, and your charcoal grill for at least 20. After your grill is preheated, use a brass-wire brush to scrape the charred goo and gunk off of the grate. You’ll need to give it a good scrape at the beginning of grilling season.

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Cooking on a gas grill is a great way for aspiring outdoor chefs to prepare delicious grilled food without having to stoke a fire. Learning how to use a gas grill is simple, which is just one reason for their popularity. Gas grills heat up quickly, can be operated easily and require little cleanup.

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· Using a grill lighter or match with a long nose, evenly light the coals in several places. Do not add more lighter fluid once your coals are lit. Step 5: Top with grate when coals turn white. The coals will catch fire, then turn white once they are ready to be used. Spread them evenly, then top with your grate and start grilling.

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Gas grills are quick and easy to set up and cook on, and the numerous styles to choose from make it relatively easy to find the right one that complements your backyard design. Since the grill does not use traditional charcoal and the flame is fed by gas, the food does not have as much of a grilled flavor as food cooked on a charcoal grill.

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Before lighting up your new grill, rub canola oil all over the surface. Wipe all the oil off and light the grill. Let it heat until you begin to see the oil burning off or at the very least, smoking. The grill grates should have changed color even a little. Turn off the grill and add more canola oil to the entire surface.

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